08 - 09 March 2022



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What is in it for you?

The Lumenia ERP HEADtoHEAD event offers a unique opportunity to compare and experience leading ERP vendors and their products over two days.

Demonstrations will be based on defined high-level Scripts covering Finance, Production, Projects, Procurement, Supply Chain and Sales.   

The event is aimed at organisations that are planning to upgrade or replace their ERP systems. This is an ideal opportunity for senior finance or IT executives and members of their ERP selection teams to efficiently review the leading ERP products and to learn how to manage their selection process so that risk is reduced and benefits are maximised.  

You have the option to attend on either or both days where there will be 28 live ERP demos allowing you to compare the 14 leading ERP solutions. Solutions suitable for various organisation sizes, from large corporates to SME’s, will be represented.  The event will also have vendor independent keynote presentations, a panel discussion, vendor vertical presentations, round table sessions and more. 

Each of the  vendors will have their own stand so that you can chat and meet with them during the refreshment breaks. 


We anticipate to have 14 ERP vendors at this event. Sample listing is below based on previous events.

What to expect?

  • The event will take place over a two day period. It will be facilitated by leading independent ERP experts, Lumenia Consulting. 
  • Lumenia will welcome attendees at the start of Day 1. On Day 1, all vendors will take part in an “Elevator Speech” to introduce themselves. During this session vendors will present a summary of their USPs to convince delegates why it would be a good idea to attend their presentation. 
  • Delegates can choose to attend demonstrations focused on Finance, Production, Procurement, Projects, Supply Chain, Sales Quotation or Sales High Volume. All demonstrations will be based on defined high-level Scripts.  
  • There will be 4 concurrent sessions, you can choose which sessions to choose. Check out the Agenda for updates.  
  • During Day 2 there will be vendor vertical presentations and a panel discussion involving companies who have already implemented ERP, who will share their experiences. 
  • Day 1 and 2 will include vendor-independent presentations from Lumenia Consulting. 
  • After each session you will have an opportunity to rate the vendor demonstrations and the vendor that has scored the highest on their presentations will get the title – ‘ERP HEADtoHEAD™ Best Vendor Demonstration – UK 2022′. 
  • Network and compare experiences with other organisations also planning to implement ERP. 
  • Attendance at the event will be limited to organisations that are potential buyers of ERP, making it an ideal opportunity to network with others about to embark on a similar journey. 


Please note this Agenda is yet to be finalised and is subject to change. 


Pricing details are yet to be finalised for this event.
Pre-register today to ensure you are kept up to date with Registration details and early-bird offers.

Registration is now open and we have a number of early-bird offers, starting at €50 + VAT.
Looking to register 4 or more people? Email us on info@erpheadtohead.com to avail of group discounts.

Before proceeding to Register please review the following:
  • Completion of this form does not guarantee attendance at the event. Lumenia Consulting reserves the right to decline registrations. (Full refunds will be issued).
  • Attendance will be limited to organisations that are potential buyers of ERP solutions and is not open to consultants or individuals who do not meet these criteria. For further information please email: info@erpheadtohead.com
  • By registering for this event you confirm that you have read the contents of our Privacy Policy and Event Terms & Conditions and accept these terms.


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Milton Keynes is venue for the 2022, ERP HEADtoHEAD™ event, conveniently located midway between Oxford and Cambridge, Birmingham and London. Milton Keynes is just 30 minutes by fast train from Central London, Bletchley and Milton Keynes Central railway stations are 5 minutes away by taxi. If travelling by car, the hotel is just off M1, 12-minutes from junction 14, and 35 minutes from London Luton airport. DoubleTree by Hilton Milton Keynes benefits from the on-site MK1 shopping and leisure park. The hotel has 1,700 complimentary car parking spaces and 304 guest rooms.

The hotel and conference venue is built into Stadium MK, home of MK Dons FC.

Why attendees love the event

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The Lumenia ERP HEADtoHEAD™ event will take place in the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Milton Keynes. The web-based event offers a unique opportunity to compare and experience leading ERP vendors and their products.  The event will run through our dedicated, interactive event platform.

Yes you can attend, just complete the Registration Form. The ERP vendors at the event are based in UK and Ireland and many have an international presence.

14 leading ERP vendors will present their products over the 2 days. ERP solutions suitable for various organisation sizes, from large corporates to SME’s, will be represented.

The on-line demonstrations will review the ERP products based on defined scripts covering Finance, Production, Projects, Procurement, HR, Supply Chain Planning and Sales – High Volume and Sales – Quotation based.  

All vendors will take part in an ‘Elevator Speech’ to introduce themselves. During this session vendors will present a summary of the USP’s to convince delegates why it would be a good idea to attend their presentation. However, if you would like guidance, the Lumenia team can advise you as to which sessions to attend. 

Yes, you will be able to raise your hand during the sessions and ask questions. However, some of the presenters may suggest answering all questions at the end of the session.

There will be 4 concurrent ERP product demonstrations and vertical presentations, you can choose which one to attend, check out the Agenda for further information.  

Choose the most relevant session for you to attend or bring a colleague to attend the conflicting session. Alternatively, you can arrange a 1:1 meeting with any of the vendors who would be more than willing to answer any questions you have or give you and your team a solution demo.

Lumenia will be presenting 3 keynote speeches over the 2 days  on ‘Characteristics of Successful ERP Projects’; ‘5 Characteristics of ERP Projects’ and ‘Preparing Business Processes for ERP’. Check out the Agenda for further information.

The panellists discuss their experiences, the most common mistakes and learnings that they encountered during their ERP project implementation. You will have the opportunity to ask questions through-out the session. It always promises to be an event high-light.

You can currently only Pre-Register for the event. Registration will open late November. Pre-register today to ensure you keep up to date with registration information and early-bird discounts.

Early bird offers are available and discounts for companies with more than 4 delegates. Do register early! Email info@erpheadtohead.com for discount rates.

Yes, it is up to you as to how many days or sessions that you attend. Payment is for 1 or 2 days regardless of how many sessions you attend.

Yes, all the ERP vendors will have a stand in the Expo area that you can chat with during the Refreshment Breaks. You can also arrange 1:1 meetings with them over the course of the 2 days, there will be break-out meeting rooms available for the vendors to book.  

Sorry unfortunately not. As per our T&C’s, attendance at the event will be limited to organisations that are potential buyers of ERP. 

Yes, we have a special rate at the hotel. Email info@erpheadtohead.com for further details.

Do attend for the 2 days and bring along members of your team if possible. Attend as many sessions as possible and review the Agenda pre-event.

The Lumenia ERP HEADtoHEAD™ event offers a unique opportunity to see the leading ERP products pitted against each other over two days. The events are run by leading independent ERP consultants, Lumenia Consulting, annually in Ireland and the UK.