Sage X3

from Steltix

Product Overview

Sage X3 is an intuitive, flexible solution offering you the flexibility of cloud and on-premises deployment offerings designed to meet your unique requirements. This means you have the freedom to choose the deployment option that works best for your organisation with the knowledge that you can migrate to the cloud on your own terms and change your deployment model as your business expands.

Sage X3 is fit for your multi-legislation (and multi-country), multi-company, multi-site, multicurrency and multi-language needs, helping you stay compliant with all legislation requirements. It will allow you to have a real-time overview of every part of your business across your sites, or across the globe, and will support your complex processes, transactions and relationships all within a single solution.

With its powerful range of features and functionality you can simply pre-configure Sage X3 to meet your industry specific conditions, legal settings, pre-set languages, multiple-currencies, and locations, which reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) and delivers you with a quick time-to-market. Sage X3 embraces the latest technology trends providing you with universal access to data on web and mobile devices, increases your productivity with visual process flows and automates business workflows. It provides visibility into your business with real-time business insight, dashboards and drill-down, plus many other functionalities that help businesses improve productivity.

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Company Overview

Steltix are an international consulting partner and reseller of ERP software. We have been operating for over 20 years and now have 11 offices spread across the UK, Europe, South Africa, and USA and Asia Pacific.

We guide our customers in their journey to continuous improvement of their business processes and the adoption of modern digital technologies. Our consultants go to great lengths to fully understand our customers’ processes, requirements, ambitions, and industry to ensure the most efficient flow in the supporting technology.

Our strategy to do this while lowering the cost of ownership is to embrace the cloud and avoid complex one-off customisations. We are prepared to take full responsibility to not only deliver but also maintain, upgrade, and future-proof these systems and technologies for our customers.

We cherish our culture of knowing every colleague and knowing when to help or to get help. We meet regularly throughout the year, including twice during our two-day Competence Team sessions and once to celebrate every New Year.

Steltix at the ERP HEADtoHEAD event

Target Customer Size

£20M +

Key Industry Sectors

• Manufacturing
• Project Driven Businesses


• Sage X3 can be hosted by Sage using Azure or AWS, deployed on-premises, or hosted by a private cloud provider
• Sage X3 has over 5,500 customers in 80+ countries
• Reporting module can be used to look at legacy data which saves time and money on implementation and legacy costs.

Agenda Details

Day 1: Finance Demonstration at 11.15am 

Day 2: Production Demonstration at 2.00pm


Ian Hunter, Sales Executive


t: 07 590837797


Steltix UK, Atterbury Lakes, Fairbourne Drive, Milton Keynes, MK10 9RG

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