Rootstock Manufacturing ERP

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Product Overview

Rootstock Software® offers a powerful and nimble, cloud-based Manufacturing ERP solution tailored for discrete manufacturers. Our purpose-built solutions empower real-time management and control of operations and financials throughout the entire process, providing visibility and predictable productivity from start to finish. Accessible anytime and anywhere, our platform allows customers to effectively manage costs and enhance operational excellence.

Built and deployed on the popular and powerful Salesforce Platform, manufacturers experience rapid time-to-value within a unified IT ecosystem. This seamlessly interconnects “out of the box” with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Manufacturing Cloud, as well as any of the 7000+ apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange. This simplifies deployments, eliminating data silos. Rootstock delivers essential features tailored for growing manufacturing businesses, ensuring you get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Rootstock Manufacturing ERP

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Company Overview

Rootstock Software offers the leading Manufacturing ERP, empowering hunderds of manufacturers to enhance their operations in today’s dynamic and digitally evolving world. Developed natively on the Salesforce Platform and supported by unparalleled executive experience and industry expertise, Rootstock provides a futureproof solution within the Salesforce ecosystem. Rootstock’s customers gain the agility to continuously transform their businesses to meet evolving customer needs, tackle emerging industry challenges, and accelerate their success.

Moreover, the seamless “connectability” of Rootstock Manufacturing ERP provides manufacturers with 360° visibility, facilitating collaboration with suppliers, trading partners, and the broader value chain. For additional information, please visit

Rootstock Manufacturing ERP

Target Customer Size

Rootstock caters to a diverse customer base, spanning from emerging start-up manufacturers with annual turnovers exceeding $15 million to mid-size manufacturers surpassing $1 billion. Additionally, larger enterprises leverage Rootstock as part of a two-tier ERP strategy.

Key Industry Sectors

Rootstock serves discrete manufacturers within industrial machinery and equipment industries, as well as regulated sectors such as medical devices and cannabusiness. Moreover, Rootstock has a significant presence among customers in the high-tech and electronics industry, including those engaged in renewable energy such as solar and wind.


Rootstock stands out as the leading Manufacturing ERP, natively built on the Salesforce Platform, and positioned as the top choice for Manufacturing Cloud customers who have committed to the Salesforce ecosystem. What sets Rootstock apart is its exclusive status as the #1 Manufacturing ERP directly built into Salesforce. Unlike competitors burdened by years of acquisitions and legacy software code, Rootstock ERP was purpose-built for manufacturers, born in the cloud, offering a fresh and streamlined approach.
Built upon a unified, single data model, Rootstock eradicates data silos, creating an optimal platform for integrating AI. Rootstock is at the forefront of developing the future decision-making platform, focusing on "AI that matters to manufacturers." This involves seamlessly combining data, business process execution, and predictive intelligence within a unified ecosystem, as opposed to the fragmented approach typical of the competition.

Agenda Details

Day 1: Production Demonstration at 12.20pm 

Day 2: Finance Demonstration at 2.00pm


Peter O’Rourke

Vice President Sales EMEA


M: +353 86 2578 875


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