Infor CloudSuite™

from Infor

Product Overview

Infor CloudSuite™ offers industry-tailored SaaS ERP, ensuring traceability, supply chain efficiency, and compliance. With monthly updates and industry-specific features, it’s a comprehensive solution for midmarket to large enterprises, integrating well with other systems. It lays the groundwork for Industry 4.0, enabling rapid digital transformation on a secure, scalable platform.

Key features include deep vertical capabilities in areas like HCM, SCM, and PLM. It facilitates seamless operations management across supply chains, financials, quality, and production, addressing challenges like perishable inventory and regulatory compliance while fostering innovation and market expansion.


  • Industry-tailored SaaS ERP
  • Monthly updates and industry-specific features
  • Integrated with other enterprise systems
  • Facilitates rapid digital transformation
  • Deep vertical capabilities
  • Seamlessly manages operations and supply chains
  • Addresses industry challenges and fosters innovation
Infor ERP at the ERP HEADtoHEAD event

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Company Overview

Global leader in industry-specific cloud software. 65,000+ customers in 175 countries. Empowering 17,000+ employees with deep industry expertise and data-driven insights. Committed to modern tools for business transformation and innovation. Visit

Key facts:

  • Part of a large private company
  • Presence in 175 countries with 117 offices
  • 71M+ cloud users
  • 1,200 support experts
Infor ERP at the ERP HEADtoHEAD event

Target Customer Size

Everything above $50M revenue

Key Industry Sectors

• Food & Beverage
• Industrial Manufacturing
• Automotive
• Distribution
• Fashion
• Retail


Infor CloudSuite™ aids critical digital transformations with true multi-tenant cloud solutions. It extends and integrates through Infor OS, supporting various manufacturing styles and industry-specific needs like industrial equipment, automotive, and aerospace. It ensures world-class security and resilience with global cloud infrastructure, enabling integration, workflow, BI, IoT, and AI.

Agenda Details

Day 1: Sales High Volume Demonstration at 2.55pm 

Day 1: Feature Showcase Presentation at 4.55pm

Day 2: Production Demonstration at 9.15am

Day 2: Infor Manufacturing Sector Presentation at 1.00pm


Mark Hughes, VP Sales 



11th floor, 123 Victoria St, London SW1E 6DE, United Kingdom  

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