Herbst Insight

from Herbst Software

Product Overview

Herbst Insight, a fully integrated management solution with an advanced nominal ledger at its core, but it’s much more than that – it’s a dynamic toolkit that empowers users and streamlines cross-departmental business processes. Herbst Insight offers a flexible, open, and definable fiscal period solution. This real-time platform provides live management and financial accounts, giving decision-makers an unprecedented grasp on their operations. 

What sets Herbst Insight apart is its commitment to businesses of all sizes, particularly those that lack extensive IT departments. Often, rapidly growing companies find themselves entangled in a web of software, spreadsheets, and paper-based processes. Herbst Insight steps in as a turnkey modular B2B solution, delivering intelligent business technology. Herbst champions phased implementation that can adapt as companies evolve, systematically resolving challenges and fostering user confidence. Step by step, each department is digitised, culminating in a fully integrated, efficient, and modern organisation.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. Imagine touch screen kiosks that revolutionise factory operations. Herbst Insight introduces specialised, self-customisable kiosk interfaces that cover critical processes such as Goods In, Production, Stock Transfers, Weighbridge, and Dispatch. These interfaces can be monitored in real-time by the back office, while handheld apps complement kiosk functionality, bringing mobility and barcoding accuracy controls to the forefront. The result? A streamlined warehouse experience that reduces duplication, ensures quality assurance, and provides precise yield analysis.

The most advanced thing about Herbst is how simply it can deal with relatively complicated business processes. 

Herbst Making Business Simple 

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Company Overview

Herbst Software is a leading Irish ERP provider, specialising in delivering fully integrated and customisable solutions tailored for Small and medium sized businesses across Ireland and the UK.

With 40 years’ experience, Herbst is an industry renowned, family owned enterprise, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to innovation, rapid implementations and bespoke solutions. With thousands of users across many industries, we have helped businesses to develop and grow, saving them time and money by optimising their processes and operations.

Our goal is to provide management with the tools needed for informed decision-making and to facilitate staff in achieving excellence in their roles through enhanced efficiency.

See Herbst Software at the ERP HEADtoHEAD event.

Target Customer Size

Herbst Software is suitable for businesses with a work force of 5 - 1000+ , and a turnover of €3,000,000 M +.

Key Industry Sectors

• Manufacturing
• Wholesale & distribution
• Food & beverage
• Engineering
• Agriculture
• Quarry & aggregates
• Oil
• Recycling


• The solution is highly scalable, from small independent businesses to global multinationals. 
• Fully integrated ERP solution: Sales, manufacturing, stock management, job costing, integrated reporting & analytics, finance, distribution, project management, E-commerce, traceability, CRM
• Real time visibility & information
• Modular solution - choose only what you need to suit your budget
• Mobile apps - jobber, trucker, sales app etc
• Fully integrated handheld devices for sales & deliveries
• Touchscreen Kiosks for manufacturing, dispatch and goods-in /out
• Option of on premise hosting or H. Hosting - our powerful and secure cloud solution
• We make it our business to understand our customers business, inside and out
• Highly scalable solution
• Intuitive
• Industry experts
• Easy implementation - designed specifically for the SME
• Flexible
• Fully integrated e-Commerce web portal

Agenda Details

Day 1: Production Demonstration at 2.55p

Day 2: Projects Demonstration at 2.05pm


Joanne Wilson, Marketing Manager 

E: joanne.wilson@herbst.ie

M: 087 194 8828

W: herbstsoftware.com


2nd Floor, Parkway Business Centre,

Ballymount House, Ballymount

Dublin, D24 XNE2

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