Epicor Kinetic

from Aspera Solutions

Product Overview

For almost 50 years, Epicor has worked hand-in-hand with its customers to create industry specific software solutions and services that help them do business better. Epicor’s customers are the companies that make and deliver the things we all need, so if you are a manufacturer or distributor, Epicor should be on your radar.

With EPICOR KINETIC customers get a comprehensive ERP solution that delivers anywhere access to business optimisation software, with a modern user experience. Epicor Kinetic represents decades of industry experience fully reimagined for today’s modern and digital business, and solutions can be delivered on premise & in the cloud, depending on customer preference. 

Coupled with finance, sales, production, project management, supply chain, warehouse, human capital and customer relationship management, Kinetic also includes EDI Integration improvements, enhanced document security, modern eCommerce experiences, simplified spreadsheet integration, and support for regulatory standards.

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Company Overview

Aspera Solutions is Epicor’s International Partner of the Year, thanks to customer feedback and sales success. With over 100 customers ranging from single site to global, multisite operations, we focus on the delivery of world class ERP expertise.

Our local, knowledge-based teams work remotely and/or on-site depending on customer preference, and our support team (which is based in Ireland & UK) is repeatedly highlighted as exemplary.

Aspera is passionate about delivering value, innovation and ERP excellence, and provides both ‘out-of-the-box’ and customised Epicor solutions in the private / public cloud, or on-premise.

Our work helps customers to grow, innovate and compete; particularly in the manufacturing and distribution sectors where we have decades of experience.

Our implementations drive profitability and deliver results beyond expectation, balancing innovation with practicality every step of the way.

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Target Customer Size

We work with single-site, multi-site, multi-national and global companies in a variety of industries, with minimum turnover of €10m per annum / employee counts over 50 pax.

Key Industry Sectors

We have significant experience in delivering ERP solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution companies, but also have competence in ERP delivery for Service and/or Solutions companies.


• Epicor has over 21,000 customers in 150+ countries and delivers ERP solutions in the cloud and/or on premise, 
• Epicor prioritises increased workforce productivity through remote working options, integrated social-network-style communication, routine task streamlining and easier content workflow, 
• Epicor is built on the Microsoft.NET framework so it supports RESTful services, allowing integration with MS productivity tools and native integration into the AI and IoT hub in Azure, 
• Epicor delivers modern user interfaces, modernised kinetic screens and role based landing pages, 
• The solution is highly scalable, from small independent businesses to global multinationals. 

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Contact Leeann in Aspera Solutions for more information:

e: leeann.matthews@asperasolutions.com

w: www.asperasolutions.com

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