ERP HEADtoHEAD™ Netherlands

Compare 9 leading ERP products in 1 place at the 13th ERP HEADtoHEAD event

18 Jun 2019 - 19 Jun 2019

ERP is about increasing business efficiency. So how about gaining knowledge on ERP systems that might otherwise take months of planning and meetings to achieve?

The ERP HEADtoHEAD™ event offers a unique opportunity to meet, compare and experience leading ERP vendors and their products. This will be the 13th edition of the event, the 2nd in the Netherlands. 

What is in it for you?

- Compare 9 leading ERP vendors and their products at 1 event
- Attend keynote speeches on ‘Are you ERP Ready?’ and ‘What Makes Successful ERP Projects
- Meet vendors face-to-face at their stand or at a pre-arranged 1-1 meeting
- Review the products based on defined scripts covering Finance, Production, Projects, Supply Chain Planning and Sales
- Attend elevator pitches from all the vendors
- Listen to a panel discussion addressing the most common mistakes made during ERP projects 
- Network and compare experiences with other organisations also planning to implement ERP


Last chance to register your place!  

ERP Vendor Networking at the ERPHEADtoHEAD
Chat with ERP vendors at the ERPHEADtoHEAD
Meet with ERP vendors at the ERPHEADtoHEAD
Compare the leading ERP Vendors
Elevator Pitch @ the H2H The Netherlands 2018
Breakout @ the H2H The Netherlands 2018
Discussions @ the H2H The Netherlands 2018
ERP Cost Calculator Demo - ERP HEADtoHEAD event
Meet 9 leading ERP Vendors
ERPHEADtoHEAD meetings
Networking at the ERPHEADtoHEAD
Networking at the ERPHEADtoHEAD