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from HansaWorld

Product Overview

Standard ERP is designed to manage businesses of all sizes in almost any industry globally: we have over 550,000 customers across 110 countries. Choose from a variety of 28 fully integrated and comprehensive, industry-specific modules that offer true multi language, time zone, currency with extensive company consolidation.

Discover a wide range of Digital office based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features that provide advanced remote workforce productivity tools.  Staying ahead of covid has seen a significant uptake of the Digital Office functionality like telephony, email, document management, electronic conferencing, graphical calendars and schedulers, all in one easy to use application.

HansaWorld is built using an unrivalled range of technology with an award winning user interface that gives Standard ERP the versatility to extend throughout an entire company on a local server or hosted in the cloud with AWS. This modular capability significantly reduces reliance on costly interfaces between separate third-party applications. The system is customizable for individual business demands and runs on all major platforms with almost any device.

Standard ERP offers a unique combination of integrated, third-party services where users eliminate the need for additional software; for reporting and calculating taxes, graphical business intelligence, processing credit card transactions, reconciling accounts, e-invoicing, and more. To top it off, HansaWorld’s cloud hosting options offer increased flexibility with the ability to install a new Standard ERP client from anywhere in the world, on almost any device with a network connection. This means you can manage your business on the go, in real-time.

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Company Overview

HansaWorld was established in 1988 by Karl Bohlin who is still the driving force behind our technology, strategy and vision. The company has grown to over 550,000 customers across 110 countries. The need to remain relevant has seen the technology stay well ahead of the competition and listening to our customers has meant Standard ERP now has  28 fully integrated functional modules spanning from POS Retail to Production, Rental and leasing to Logistics & Supply-chain plus many more.

HansaWorld is a true global software Development company where our ongoing internal investment is recognised by our award winning Development team.  Our #1 priority is keeping our customers product and business future safe with an ERP that invests in your future. 

AI based systems are a vision to most software companies but at HansaWorld we have ‘Anna’ the AI based virtual assistant that will soon handle most of your incoming communications. Anna has already been recognised with a number of prestigious awards as she is smart and will listen, interpret and speak many languages providing seamless 24/7 customer support to Standard ERP users.

The main headline for our customers is everything, anywhere and every time. Scaling and technology have always meant high costs and complexity to enterprise system vendors however at HansaWorld we develop in-house and don’t outsource your future. This enables us to provide a system that is simple to use and easy to deploy wherever you chose to work.

Deployment is through our trusted network of accredited Partners who provide support and configuration to our customers around the world. Many Partners have been with us since the beginning and we are constantly adding more as we grow our presence.

See Standard ERP from HansaWorld

Target Customer Size

Turnover: £5M – £1Bn +
Scalable from 50 - 10,000 users

Key Industry Sectors

• Retail
• Production
• Rental
• Logistics / Supply Chain
• Project Management


• Low cost deployment based on award winning user interface allowing accelerated end user uptake with free extensive training materials.
• Our Object based database provides future proofed technology and is optimised for cloud performance and only requires the simplest of low cost servers to operate.
• Standard ERP fully supports Linux, Windows, Mac iOS and Android providing users the choice to operate from home via most devices.
• Enhanced productivity across the fully integrated 28 modules: where users can switch between languages, timezones, companies and currencies without additional software.
• An integrated Webshop eCommerce system provides a low cost, easy to implement system for customers to operate in covid times.
• Digital Office has enabled effective management of users working from remote office locations running on standard internet
• Award winning in-house development team is trusted by over 550,000 customers.
• New integrations where needed utilise RestAPI services and allows easy low cost access. We already have a long list of standard integrations available Banks, eCommerce sites all ready to go.

Agenda Details

Tues 8th – 2.30pm: Sales Quotation Demo – Standard ERP

Weds 9th – 9.30am: Finance Demo – Standard ERP


Jennifer O’Connell, Group Operations Manager

m: +353 861953086



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