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It’s time for a new generation of Business Software!

Unit4 Business World is a people-centric Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution built for organizations with strong ambitions to be leaders in their sector. It helps you unlock the best from your team and adapt to new opportunities and challenges – faster, more cost-effectively while avoiding the hurdles of disruption.

Built For People

Unit4 Business World is the only ERP solution designed from the ground up for people–centric service based organisations.  It’s built to adapt to the needs of people collaborate on dynamic cases and projects, rather than forcing them to follow static processes.

We’ve taken into account how people work and have created “self-driving ERP”.  Just as self-driving cars minimize the burden on drivers, Business World makes processes much more efficient by helping people automate, prioritize and complete repetitive tasks in a fraction of the time it has taken with traditional ERP solutions.

Designed For Change

For businesses, change is driven by a variety of forces such as growth and expansion, incorporating new business models, integration of acquisitions, reducing operational costs and inefficiencies.

The ability to transform and adapt is key. Business World is built on an elastic foundation that extends as you evolve. Its unique architecture enables your people to respond to changing market conditions, resource availability and new rules and regulations more cost effectively and without getting tripped up by typical disruption.

Engineered for Value

Business World enables you to manage your entire organisation in a single, integrated Cloud ERP. Covering Financial Management, HR & Payroll, Planning Budgeting and Forcasting, Procurement Management, Project Management, Field Service Management and Enterprise Asset Management. Offering real time reporting and analytics Business World provides a single version of the truth across the organisation.

Delivered By The Cloud

Peace of mind: Utilising Microsoft Azure and it’s security certifications and accreditations a solution that provides comfort that your data is secure.

Flexibility: Global, robust and high availability SaaS offering on a 24x7x365 basis

Standardised: Easy to implement and use, with low implementation costs, and vastly reducing the time to value.

Ready to use: Access your software anywhere, anytime, with any disruption or delay

Business continuity: Continually benefit from the latest innovations with our cloud options –without extra configuration or extensive testing.

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Unit4 is in business for people. We’ve specialised in software for service organisations, where people make the difference, since the early 1980s. Today, we build the smartest enterprise applications on the planet. Our technology is central to the organisations we serve – it improves efficiency and productivity, and allows people to spend more time on meaningful work. Using the latest AI, machine learning and digital technologies, our customers can make more sense of business-critical data than ever before. Our cloud ERP, financial management, corporate performance management and industry-focused solutions generate rapid value in the strategic processes of organisations from sectors including professional services, higher education, public services and not-for-profit – helping each person to create better value for themselves, their organisation and their customers.

Please visit our website for further information: www.unit4.com