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Product Overview

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intact iQ

Technology designed for your business, drives your business. 

Intact iQ is Intact’s end-to-end, feature rich, modern ERP solution. It is a future led solution based on the latest development frameworks (.NET, SQL, Written in C#).  This means it is built to last and will support your business far into the future. Built to facilitate scale with ease, Intact iQ is suitable for businesses of all sizes ranging from 5-1000+ employees. Intact iQ supports every level of your business and extends seamlessly to mobile; giving you and your employees access to real-time key information, KPIs and controls anytime, anywhere.

At Intact we work predominantly with ambitious Merchant, Retail and Wholesale/Distribution businesses that need technology to be a perfect fit for their business. 

Our on-site customisation capability and sector-specific solutions mean our software is designed around your business goals and is robust enough to grow and flex to the future needs of your business.

As an open system, Intact iQ is 3rd party friendly. It will therefore integrate seamlessly with any systems you currently use and need to keep. 

With consistent local customer care, you will have on-going access to your implementation, development, support and consultant team.  For you, this means no red tape and efficient turnaround. 

And because Intact owns the technology, sales team, implementation, project management, customer care and innovation roadmap, accountability is in one place.

Key Benefits

  • Real Time Visibility and Control with a unified platform
  • Maximise Efficiency with personalised workspaces
  • Mobilise your Workforce with role based apps
  • Boost Productivity with workflow automation
  • Enhance Decision Making with integrated business intelligence
  • Integrate With Ease with a third party friendly system
  • Remove Barriers To Growth with a system that can expand and scale with ease
  • Facilitate Proactive Continuous Improvement with advanced levels of control and autonomy
  • Stock Control, SOP, POP, CRM, SRM, Marketing, Automated Intelligence, Integrated Analytics, Complete Financials, Integrated e-Commerce, Trade Counter/ePOS

Vendor Overview - Intact

Founded in 1992 Intact is an Ireland and UK based business management and ERP software and services company where all product development, consultancy and support is carried out locally.

Our 140+ Intact team members are focused on delivering perfect fit solutions for our customers. They look beyond current issues, beyond specific features. We look at how your business relationships are supported through technology.  We look at where your business is going and where it has come from. We use this knowledge to build your solution and implementation road map because technology that truly works for your business is designed for your business. 

Trusted by over 21,000 users across 2,500+ companies, Intact is the ERP solution of choice for ambitious merchant and distributive trade businesses across the UK and Ireland.