Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP cloud

Product Overview 


Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud helps you streamline your business processes so you can increase productivity, lower costs, and improve controls.

8 reasons to choose Oracle ERP Cloud

Reason #1:

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud offers significantly lower TCO than on-premises alternatives.

One of the biggest reasons for moving any process or application to the cloud is reducing costs. We know that cloud applications are often much more cost-effective than their on-premises counterparts, but now, thanks to a study by Nucleus Research, we can prove it. In looking at business costs (software, hardware, personnel, and training) over a three-year period, Nucleus Research identified that, on average, initial costs for on-premises ERP were 2.4 times higher than Oracle ERP Cloud. If cutting costs is one of the key drivers behind your modernization project, we can help.

Reason #2:

It’s a complete solution for every part of the modern ERP puzzle.

ERP is a very broad area, covering a large number of back-office processes that are critical to the success of your business. That’s why Oracle ERP Cloud has been built to deliver all capabilities—as and when your business needs them—to improve, streamline, and get the most from each and every one.

Reason #3:

Oracle can give you a helping hand into the cloud.

One of your biggest considerations when choosing a finance-based solution is how to connect to the cloud or move away from an outdated system. Oracle makes it easy to move to the cloud. And we can provide expert help to make your move to the cloud as quick and trouble-free as possible as part of our Customer 2 Cloud program. No matter how you’re managing back-office processes at the moment, we have the expertise to help you connect your infrastructure, your data, and your people to Oracle ERP Cloud. And the support doesn’t end there—you can expect the same helping hand whenever you need it throughout your journey with the Oracle ERP Cloud.

Reason #4:

A proven pedigree in all aspects of enterprise cloud.

Starting from when we created our first software as a service (SaaS) apps from the ground up more than 10 years ago, we have used our deep business experience to build one of the strongest and most complete cloud portfolios on the market including:

  • Applications (SaaS): Oracle offers the most complete, innovative, and proven cloud suite of SaaS applications that enable customers to transform their business with the latest intelligent technologies such as AI and machine learning.
  • Data (DaaS): Oracle Data Cloud provides data from a wide variety of Oracle and third-party sources, which can be used by sales and marketing to produce better business outcomes.
  • Platform (PaaS): Oracle offers the broadest range of PaaS services in the industry, which enable developers, IT professionals, and business leaders to develop, extend, and secure applications that leverage advanced analytics.
  • Infrastructure (IaaS): Oracle offers the highest performance, lowest cost IaaS in the industry, enabling customers to run their application workloads in the Oracle Cloud.

Reason #5:

Connect finance seamlessly with the complete Oracle offering.

Your business may run with a range of applications. Your new back-office system will most likely be just one part of that picture. When a new piece doesn’t fit in with the rest, it can seriously limit what you can get out of the total business solution. Oracle develops cloud so that it can coexist with other systems. If you are interested in taking small steps to try Oracle Cloud, you can start by looking at improving a single process such as supplier qualification or planning and budgeting. Or perhaps you have a subsidiary that needs modernization? You can modernize the subsidiary with Oracle ERP Cloud and connect it back to your existing group systems, easily connecting your existing finance system to the cloud to take that first step.

Reason #6:

We’re committed to making our best even better.

Rigorous research and development has brought the Oracle cloud offering to where it is today. And Oracle continues to develop and invest, bringing the latest business software innovations for you to use as you need. Oracle is highly committed to cloud development, and invests heavily in R&D, bringing the latest business software for you to use, based on global customer input. We’re constantly working to push the boundaries and enable you to do more in the cloud—and as an Oracle customer, you can have a say in what we innovate next.

Reason #7:

It gives you the insights you need to make better-informed finance and resource decisions.

Oracle Cloud applications excel at pulling important data together from a wide range of sources, and helping your decision-makers make sense of it all, using an intuitive analytics dashboard. When you combine multiple Oracle Cloud apps with each other, that datasharing and analysis becomes even stronger—granting you the kinds of deep, valuable insights you can use immediately to make the right financial and resource-based decisions for your business’s future.

Reason #8:

We take the security of your sensitive data seriously.

When it comes to the cloud, security is a topic that comes up time and time again—and it’s one that Oracle takes very seriously. When you put your trust in Oracle Cloud, you can do it with confidence and peace of mind. Nineteen data-center regions exist to serve you globally. They are manned by badged Oracle experts looking after cloud security for you 24/7. They keep a watchful eye on everything, so you don’t have to. Our secure data-isolation framework means that your database is never shared with other customers, meaning less risk, and faster processing without any limits.


Vendor Overview 

See Hitachi at the ERP HEADtoHEAD

Hitachi Consulting provide depth and breadth of technology experience, deep industry expertise and a pragmatic and collaborative way of working to drive measurable results for clients. We benefit from experience across different technologies including Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft which allows us to provide a holistic and independent market view.

The 20-year alliance between Hitachi Consulting and Oracle offers enterprises an opportunity to work with two of the world’s most innovative and respected technology companies. An Oracle Cloud Elite Partner with over 700 Oracle consultants worldwide, Hitachi has successfully delivered over 1000 Oracle solutions within Manufacturing, Financial Services, Professional Services and Retail. We also run our own business on Oracle.

During your ERP engagement we focus on:

  1. Understanding and addressing the business problems and issues that need to solved. Focusing on business transformation and not just technology. 
  2. Optimising the Oracle solution and delivery process using Hitachi accelerators and our depth of solution and industry knowledge.
  3. Working collaboratively at all stages of the project to ensure your teams are aligned, coached and supported through the journey.