Herbst Insight

Product Overview

Herbst Software

Herbst Insight is an enterprise business management solution that encompasses all aspects of your operations, from accounts, to CRM, to distribution, job costing and manufacturing. Herbst Insight is an intuitive, mobile friendly easy to use software designed to improve all areas of your business. The software keeps you and key personnel in your business informed, enabling everyone to make real time decisions so your organisation is lean and ready to grow. Herbst Insight offers the following benefits to organisations of all sizes:

  • Real time reporting that enables you to make informed decisions for all areas of the business.
  • A modular, scalable solution suitable for companies of all sizes from sole traders to large multinationals.
  • Integrate all field staff to the business with handheld software for engineers, sales staff and delivery drivers.

Vendor Overview

Herbst Software have been providing solutions to businesses for over 30 years. We have a diverse client base of over 800 working in the following industries: Engineering, manufacturing, quarry/concrete, food manufacturing and agriculture. During that time we have learned that businesses not only want to have a system that saves them time, administration, and money, but one that can help develop and grow their business into the future. In a nutshell, our software is designed to reduce duplication and unnecessary administration for the individual user, and empower management to make the best decisions with all the relevant information.


E: sales@herbst.ie

T: 01 450 9329

W: www.herbstsoftware.com