Product Overview: NetSuite

A single software suite which provides real-time insight into all your processes and allows you to do more, In less time, at lower costs.

Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite is one single software system in which ERP, CRM and E-commerce are included. NetSuite allows you to run your company on one platform. This reduces  IT costs and gives a trustworthy “single source of truth”. The system is Cloud-based, which means that all users have access to all data and information, from anywhere, at any time. This information is easily available with the many tools that NetSuite offers, like dashboards, reports and the analytics functionality.

NetSuite was designed as a flexible system. In today’s economy markets change quickly and it’s vital that a company can stay agile and adjust to these changes. NetSuite was designed, from day 1, with this in mind. Creating new fields is easy. Adding workflows and customer specific logic is less complex than with traditional systems and achieved without any coding. Updates leave custom work untouched. Gone are the days of being locked into an old version of the system.This allows you to always profit from the latest releases and leading practices that NetSuite provides.

NetSuite is a truly global solution. NetSuite is used by 16.000 customers in over 190 countries and supports dozens of currencies and tax regulations around the world. With NetSuite as a system you are ready for the future.


Vendor Overview: Fast Four

Fast Four was founded in 2012 in the belief that this system would truly be able to help entrepreneurs

Fast Four

We believe that companies that have a good and comprehensive overview of all their business activities are able to work more efficient and are therefore better able to quickly respond to relevant development and thus grow. This is what we want to help businesses with. That is our drive.

Young, starting entrepreneurs and the existing generation of CFOs increasingly use Cloud systems. They need a comprehensive ERP package for the best possible insight. A system that combines ERP, CRM and e-commerce. NetSuite fulfils this need.
Each company is different and this often requires customisation. A challenge task which we would be glad to address, which is not strictly limited to IT. Understanding companies and seeing how business processes should work is the starting point. The IT solution follows. Our goal: providing pragmatic solutions that are better than those of the competitor.

We find it fantastic to transform a company and make it ready for the future. Two-thirds of all SME still use an outdated software version. This must change. We can very rapidly implement the technology of the future. Often, this takes no more than three months. We have done this in the past for companies like SECRID, Cluse, Zelfstroom, Qardio and many more. With 60+ implementations we are the leading NetSuite partner in The Netherlands.


Contact details:

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