Deltek ERP

Deltek ERP

Product Overview

Deltek’s modern and intuitive project-based ERP system seamlessly unites people, processes, and information to improve internal efficiencies and increase margins. Core functionality of the Deltek ERP system includes:

  • Financial management: Full general ledger and project accounting capabilities 
  • Resource management: Place the right people on the right projects 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Manage business development and client interactions 
  • Project management: Scope, schedule and plan for all aspects of service delivery 
  • Talent management: Acquire, develop and retain your key assets 
  • Analytics and reporting: Better understand performance and plan for the future with real time insights

Built on over 30 years of technology advancements, user acceptance, and industry knowledge, Deltek’s modern and intuitive ERP software delivers the business agility, transparency and control you need to run your project-based organisation. Unify all corners of your global team, improve net business value, and ensure exceptional service delivery to clients with Deltek ‘s best in class ERP, available on premise or in the Cloud. 

Vendor Overview

Deltek is the leading global provider of enterprise software and solutions for professional services firms and other project-based businesses. For decades, we have delivered actionable insight that empowers our customers to unlock their business potential. 23,000 organisations and millions of users in over 80 countries around the world rely on Deltek to research and identify opportunities, win new business, recruit and develop talent, optimise resources, streamlines operations and deliver more profitable projects.

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