The New ERP Sweetspot – Custom meets off-the-shelf ERP solutions

VIP Sponsored Roundtable from Intact

Out of the box you want your ERP solution to contain a vast range of best practice features and functions that add immediate value to your business. But what happens when your business processes divert from the norm? If your ERP solution can’t flex with you, you’ll find yourself changing your work practices to suit a piece of software or working outside the system; both scenarios negate the reason you invested in your ERP solution in the first place. However, customized ERP solutions are often avoided as businesses believe they add cost, risk and complexity to their ERP project. But that’s no longer the case.

Join our interactive session with Intact CEO, Justin Lawless, where we will be discussing how best to embrace best practice functionality, cater for your value-add nuances and remain agile using modern ERP systems.

October 13 @ 08:15
08:15 — 09:00 (45′)

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