Sector Presentation from IFS – Enterprise Asset Management

Leverage data to elevate asset performance & organizational health

If it’s agreed that assets are important for the business and that data is important for the business to optimise these assets, then it follows that capturing, storing, and making data-led decisions should be of equal importance. However, organisations are now generating enormous amounts of data from their plants and assets. How to unlock value and maximize organizational efficiency with an integrated strategy? The key to an effective performance management approach is tying together data sources from across the organization, such as ERP, inventory management, and quality systems, for a complete picture of not only on asset health but progress toward overall corporate goals.

Learn the integrated strategies that proactive organizations are adopting to reach a new level of efficiency and alignment with their strategic business plan by creating safe, reliable and sustainable operations. Attend this session to unveil these topics:

• The transformative power of Asset Performance Management, an approach that transcends conventional asset maintenance practices to holistically optimize overall organizational health.
• Adoption of new technologies such a AI and machine learning to capture, analyze and interpret the data
• The powerful combination of advanced Asset Performance Management (APM) strategies with real-time monitoring data from operational intelligence
• Unlocking the true value of APM by integrating into the broader enterprise-wide strategy



October 25 @ 13:00
13:00 — 13:45 (45′)

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