Lumenia Fringe Sessions

There will be a number of sessions on Day 3 of the event, as follows:

9 – 9.45 am        Planning for ERP – What’s Next?
This session will provide insights for getting your ERP project off the ground successfully.  It will address:
• Are you ready to select a new ERP system? Scoping, sizing and planning.
• How to select the right ERP.
Presentation from John Donagher and Ian O’Toole + Q&A  – Consulting Managers, Lumenia Consulting

10-10.45 am       Change Management for ERP Success
If you are preparing to implement ERP, this session will prove invaluable. We’ll help you prepare for the change that ERP will bring to your organisation by sharing our experiences and providing a platform for questions and discussion on the topic.
Presentation, discussion + Q&A from Ursula Browne, Consulting Manager and  Jim Goodison and   Edward Abrahamson, Principal Consultants at Lumenia Consulting

11-11.45am     Client Case Study
Presentation, discussion + Q+A 

12 – 12.45pm     Preparing Business Processes for ERP
Presentation + Q&A from Sean Jackson, Managing Director at Lumenia Consulting.
For many organisations, implementing a new ERP solution is an opportunity to transform business processes. However, all too often, the expected transformation is not delivered. In this presentation, we will explore why this happens and what you can do to prepare for real business process change in advance of your ERP project.

October 13 @ 09:00
09:00 — 13:00 (4h)

General – Lumenia Consulting

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