‘From Product to Service: The next profit powerhouse’ from IFS

Customer expectations have moved on and it is no longer my product vs your product, but rather the outcome delivered. Think people flow rather than elevators, environmental comfort not air conditioners, flying hours not aircraft. This is termed “Servitization” and presents dramatic opportunities in how you manage the customer lifecycle, shifting to a true partnership and ultimately driving a transformation in customer loyalty, retention and expansion.
However, conventional ERP systems that focus on widgets and back-office functions are not architected to encompass this shift in business model. IFS Cloud on the other hand was built from inception to address service, project and asset focused organisations with an outcome focus.
In this presentation we will look at the opportunity this transformation presents and how IFS Cloud uniquely as a service centric ERP is able to take you on that journey, including several real world customer examples.

March 9 @ 14:45
14:45 — 15:45 (1h)

IFS Cloud – IFS

Sector Presentation

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