Planning your ERP project training workstream to deliver successful adoption


No matter which ERP system you choose, its success will be determined by your user’s ability to use it effectively. Adoption of the business and system changes are an integral part of any implementation project that can too often be rushed or entirely overlooked. So, what are the elements to plan into your ERP project and into your training workstream? In our presentation we will bring you the key elements, good practices, and recommendations for you to consider as you are planning your training workstream. Novitas are a leading provider of Change Assurance Training Services. We provide flexible, tailored and cost-effective training services and solutions for all types of transformation projects, in any geography. 

This presentation will be lead by Tim Buckley, Head of Strategy and Innovation and Deirdre Noonan, e-Learning Specialist, Novitas.  


October 13 @ 11:00
11:00 — 11:45 (45′)

Lumenia Consulting

Independent Keynote

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