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Product Overview

Our fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems help distributors, wholesalers, suppliers, and retailers improve how they manage and trade. Combining a range of modules inside a powerful application that are easy to use, our industry-specific ERP software helps you source effectively, stock efficiently, sell profitably, and service competitively.

K8 is a huge, multi-faceted system that can manage all areas of your business to help you trade more profitably. A small sample of the key features and benefits are listed below:

Use powerful quotations. Streamline your sales process while minimising paperwork and reducing waste. 

Meet sales commitments. Deliver great customer service without compromising your margins. 

Optimised warehouses. K8 helps you optimise your available space and manage the entire pick process.

Digitise your deliveries. Meet and exceed your customers’ delivery expectations by combining all the necessary information into a central location.

Analyse your finances. Access financial information quickly and easily, giving you full control over your finances.

Integrate with mobile apps. Digitise your processes and deliver great customer service with a range of apps. 

Support your digital strategy. Get trading online and open new channels to market quickly and easily with K8. 

Empower your staff. Access reporting in one centralised yet customisable system to help better inform your decisions and track progress against your KPIs.

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Company Overview

For over 40 years, Kerridge Commercial Systems have focused on providing a highly scalable and robust industry specific software solution that is designed for continued growth and your long-term success. We will lead you through implementing K8 into the business with our world class support and install process, from strategy and deployment to adoption and long-term management quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Our team of experienced professionals, many of which are from industry, have proven success delivering projects for companies just like yours, whether you have are a single site with a handful of users or you are multiple branch with 1000’s of users.

As you would expect from a market leading system managing FTS 100 companies ERP requirements, security is built into the foundation of everything we do, our manged services meet many international standards including ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. We have been offering cloud solutions for over 20 years for more than 7000 customers worldwide. Data resides in secure Tier-III Data Centres providing you with up to 99.99% availability to maintain business continuity each and every day.

At KCS we aren’t just a supplier of software we are a partner working alongside your business to support your short and long term goals

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Target Customer Size


Key Industry Sectors

• Distribution
• Automotive
• Rental


• Future proof software: As the EFACS E/8 solution is 100% web-based, whether you choose to host locally on your own network or on the cloud is entirely up to you.  Even better, changing from one to the other is straightforward and can be done overnight, with no visible changes to end users.  The product’s UK author, Exel Computer Systems, have a team of developers constantly improving the product ensuring that the software continues to deliver into the future.
• Fit to your business: Companies require that their IT systems are both comprehensive and can be adjusted at relatively low cost to fit their precise needs. The IT system should be adaptable to fit changing circumstances, without incurring significant time and cost penalties, or jeopardising future upgrades. Due to its Variable Component Architecture and advanced customisation tools EFACS E/8 can be easily adapted to fit your exact requirements.
• IT integration: A fully integrated solution is preferable over multiple ‘best of breed’ systems, as it delivers seamless operation to the end-user. With EFACS E/8 you get a fully integrated solution covering the widest possible range of business functions. EFACS E/8 also offers mobile solution for Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) and Customer Relations Module (CRM).

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Giles Greenslade, Sales Director

Email: giles.greenslade@kerridgecs.com

Phone: 01488 662000

Web: www.kerridgecs.com


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